• The Federal Association Mediation e.V. (BM) was first established under the name "Mediation e.V." in 1992,right at the beginning of the spread of mediation as a movement in Germany.
  • The founders of the BM and many of its members are pioneers of mediation.
  • The BM is an essential engine of mediation as a broad movement in Germany.
  • The BM ensures the qualified training in mediation. A variety of training institutes and also universities are either run by our members, provided with trainers from our counties, or train with the help of our members.
  • The Instructors BM® train according to our standards and training guidelines.
  • We develop mediation programs. We offer mediation together with more integrated measures in programs with training, structural changes, longer-term and transformative processes. This requires concerted actions, networking and investment. Such programs are typical of the BM and its members and are effective in society. In addition to the "pure" mediation service, all these approaches support the establishment of this methodology in the various areas of society, with all the necessary efforts also in offices, institutions, etc.
  • Many highly qualified and prominent mediators are members of our association. Our Standards and Training Guidelines for Professional Mediation have received attention and have been copied as an essential contribution to quality assurance beyond the Association. Currently, the same thing happens with our Standards for School Mediation, which are based on the Guidelines.
  • We have a broad base in terms of the original professions of our members, and we are the most powerful mediation association in terms of the number of members.
  • We unite an exceptional diversity of mediation areas through our members and specialist, working groups and project groups. Our goal is to further develop mediation for all areas of society as an appropriate process of conflict resolution.
  • The skills and qualities, as well as the different professions of origin of our members, and the way in which knowledge is exchanged within the association create a great deal of creativity and innovation. Our programs have long-term and sustainable effects.
  • A large number of recognized experts and specialist authors are represented in the different specialist groups in the various fields of mediation in Germany. The specialist groups play an acknowledged pioneering role in the qualification, development and dissemination of mediation.
  • As mediators and as a federation, we have an inclusive approach and claim that fits the content of mediation, with which we want to make mediation accessible to all areas of society and social groups.
  • We have a network of regional groups spread throughout Germany that also gives interested non-members access to mediation, collegial exchange and networking.
  • We regard the promotion of young talents in BM as a special task.

 The Board