Quality Assurance for Mediation

In 2000, the Federal Association for Mediation set quality standards for mediation and the training of mediators.

The quality of mediation depends essentially on the attitude of the mediators. Mediators BM® have committed to work according to the ethical principles of the BM. This includes, for example, maintaining confidentiality, carefully supporting the participants in the self-reliant pursuit of their interests and responding with respect and impartiality, as well as the commitment to choose mediation as conflict processing in their own conflicts.

Anyone who has been successfully tested by our association and thus has the license to use the protected title Mediator BM® or Ausbilder BM® (Trainer) also complies with a whole series of other quality criteria. These include at least 200 hours of training in mediation according to our standards and training guidelines, documentation of mediations conducted, supervision and networking.

The BM is constantly developing its quality criteria. It organizes and promotes the exchange of experience and the professional discussion of its members from all fields of mediation. The growing wealth of experience of the qualified mediators and trainers is reflected in the further development and specification of our standards and training guidelines.