Ethical Self-Definition of the BM

The following ethical principles are binding for us.

A human philosophy

Every human being has the potential to deal with and resolve their own conflicts. We trust in our competence and that of the parties to creative design and understanding in conflict. We honour the autonomy of each participant, respect the uniqueness of each and the variety of differences, in which we see a particular potential.


We respect and promote the self-responsibility of all participants as mediators. We are aware of our responsibility for the safe framework that enables the parties to the conflict to engage in the process of finding a solution and to encourage them to take responsibility for the content they contribute and the agreements they have drawn up.

Safe framework

We create and maintain the safe framework that allows the conflicting parties to engage in the process of finding a solution and to exclude violence.

Impartiality and fairness

We respect the needs and interests of all parties to the conflict to equal measures. We pay attention to power differences and give each party the time and the call to complete their case. We make sure that each party to the conflict can understand their own needs and wishes.


As mediators, we are calm and attentive, and encourage the disputing parties to open and direct debate, mutual tolerance and appreciation.

Empathy and encouragement of the conflicting parties

We empathize with the parties to the conflict and respect the full range of emotions of all persons involved. We promote mutual empathy from the conflicting parties; and encourage them to resolve their conflict together.

Confidentiality and trust

Everything that we experience in mediation is treated with respect and confidentiality. We agree with the parties to the conflict that, in the event of a lawsuit, they will not summon us as witnesses to facts that became known to us during the mediation process. Through our integrity and sincerity, we strengthen the confidence of the conflicting parties in the process of mediation and the accessibility of a solution to their conflict.

Voluntary participation

We ensure the voluntary participation of all parties to the conflict in mediation by providing them with complete information about the mediation process and pointing out its possibilities and limitations. The outcome and timing of the mediation process is up to the conflicting parties

Own behaviour in conflict

We are ready to accept criticism and work on it in mediation, in our own conflicts as well.


We commit ourselves, through careful preparation, to the best possible protection of the interests of the conflicting parties. When we realize that partisan advice is needed for the conflicting parties, we point it out and encourage them to claim such advice. If we recognize that our impartiality is no longer guaranteed, we undertake to regain these with the help of professional support or to pass the mediation on to a colleague. We commit ourselves to regular self-reflection through supervision, coaching or collegial counselling and educate ourselves regularly to ensure proper quality.

European Code of Conduct for Mediators

The BM recognized the European Code of Conduct for Mediators at the general meeting in Frankfurt (Oder) on 26.09.04.